Project Finance
  • Prepare Detailed Project Report (DPR)
  • Conduct Technical Feasibility Analysis project and Evaluate the Economic Viability of the project
  • Perform commercial due-diligence of the project with regard to suppliers of equipment, vendors, service providers, statutory compliances etc.
  • Prepare Financial Projections including Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Analysis and Calculation of Financial Covenants
  • Identify lender Financial Institution suitable to finance the project
  • Liaison with Financial Institutions during the sanctioning process
  • Complete post sanctioning activities required to obtain first disbursement
Business Investment Advisory
  • Identify Small & Medium Enterprises and
    Family Owned Businesses that can serve as
    potential targets for attractive investment opportunity
  • Initiate introductory talks with the potential target to
    socialize the investment opportunity
  • Conduct thorough due-diligence of the target and prepare detailed project report citing the prominent Technical and Financial highlights of the transaction
  • Perform business valuation and assist in the negotiation process
  • Advise on sources of financing the transaction including Leverage and Equity participation
  • Assist in obtaining mandatory compliances from respective statutory authorities Assist with post-closure activities
Management Advisory
  • Advise businesses facing financial stress and suggest business improvement strategy
  • Perform thorough business analysis and recommend clear rehabilitation strategies to become profitable
  • Assist in Loan Restructuring proposals by preparing detailed Techno-Economic Viability report and present it to Bankers for consideration
  • Assist start-ups and new Companies to institute early financial discipline
  • Suggest operational strategies and best practices to help achieve sustainable growth
Valuation & Technical Certification
  • Asset Valuations and Asset Impairment Analysis for compliance with local and international Accounting Standards
  • Fixed Asset valuations including Plant & Machinery and Land & Buildings
  • Valuation of Intangible assets like technical knowhow, computer data, brands etc.
  • Technical analysis and certifications in order to comply with various statutory requirements such as transfer pricing, Income-tax, Customs, VAT etc.